Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 10 - Web Writing: Self and Other (March 7-13)

Bolter Chapter 9: Writing the Self

This chapter discusses the connection between reading, writing, and the intelligent mind. In order to produce some sort of intelligent thought it had to be shared. Through writing has been the way of great philosophers to express their thought. This connection isn’t far from the truth, today in a world of people producing thought it is judged on a mass scale by the READER.

The philosophers Snell, Havelock, and Ong all thought that the writing process allowed for there to be thought without emotions to defile and confuse the original and most central thought. Which emphasized Descartes notion that we as a society have the ability to reason.
Cartesian philosophy however, isn’t simply confined by print technology. Cartesian philosophy defined writing as the ego. Everyone has an ego and writing is simply lining our ego’s out on paper (or some form or cataloging thought in writing). 

Price Chapter 7: Cook Up Hot Links

This chapter discusses links and how to utilize and emphasize a link. It also discusses the advantages of describing the link so that the user can either skip or continue with the link. The advantage of the link is to allow the audience to further explore a topic, but one thing that is often skipped is describing the link and wasting the readers time. 
Using a link as a clincher in a sentence also emphasizes it as important, and catches the attention of the reader. Highlighting and creating a clincher link makes the reader want to click on it to find out more information. However, Price does say on page 142, that you don't have to announce a link, the reader will understand its their and click if they want to. 
Making sure that the link is visible and not over elaborated is a key in making writing coherent and non abrasive towards the reader. Outbound links create increased credibility. By adding links to outside sites it shows the reader that you know what you're talking about. Outbound links also have the ability to show people who you are and your credentials. 
Your URL is also important. Price says that it is important to keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. Companies need to get the URL that pertains to their company name. This is why I try to choose websites that have my name in it since I am not associated with a company. This is how companies become more recognizable on the web, making their companies easy to find. 

My Final:

What I have chosen to do is a wordpress site. I am going to do it on baking. There will be various pages, I want the first one to be about the science behind baking and how it is important to get measurements right; this will be the informational type of baking site. The second page will be about various baking equipment. Baking sheets, cookie tins, and tools to help with the actual baking process. I also want a page with recipes, ones that are easy and work every time. The forth page is going to be mine, and I mean that as I will bake things and put them on the site for people to see and comment on. I want people to know they can trust what I am saying and by putting up various things I have actually done I feel it would help my credibility. For the final page I want to have ways of presenting the baked goods. Not only will it be the presentation but there will be lots of links to other sites that show fun and interesting ways to make novice baking look like a super star bake off! 

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