Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 7 (Feb 14-20)

Price and Price Chapter 5

Cut 50% of your text
Text buttons and links, headings, menus, intro sentence are important
Make it worthwhile
Make it straight to the point
Make paragraphs short – 2-3 paragraphs
Don’t over exaggerate
Use simple direct language
Connect to the reader and prove to be part of their community
Use your side bar for important information
Use charts to compare your data.
Keep it short but keep it understandable
Write out your words: don’t = do not

This week in Price they were discussing the importance of making your information easy to read. Cutting out all of the talking text that is pointless make the reader happier and more likely to keep reading. This is why I did a point form style of note summary for Price this week.
When I write on the web, especially in blog style I ramble, and it tends to stray from my over al purpose. The reading this week will definitely help me tighten up my text.

Bolter Chapter 7 

In Bolter chapter 7 hypertext is referred to as literary expression. Hypertext is truly a new form of expression, it offers the ability to link ideas and different sites together. The below quote is from Robert Coovers book on hypertext fiction. 

"Hypertext is truly a new and unique environment. Artists who work there must be read there. And they will probably be judged there as well: criticism, like fiction, is moving off the page and on line, and it is itself susceptible to continuous changes of mind and text. Fluidity, contingency, indeterminacy, plurality, discontinuity are the hypertext buzzwords of the day, and they seem to be fast becoming principles, in the same way that relativity not so long ago displaced the falling apple." 

Hypertext is used in one main website and links it to other websites in a non-linear form. Reading an essay off of a printed page doesn't offer any further expression or links to other ideas. Where as an online environment offers links and various pages with no set beginning and no ending. 

Submit Edge - Content writing service

They submit content for your website. Giving you content oriented writing. The required content will be 100% original with topics being handled and given originality. All of the content in price varies, there will be no key word stuffing. As soon as the order is received the requirements will be met. 

What Service does this company provide? 
They are a content company providing content for your web page. 
With what verbal and visual strategies does this company sell its service? 
This company uses both audio and visual content to draw in their customers. They use photographic and pictorial evidence to emphasize their point of making strong content and working as a team to achieve a plagiarism free content based website. 
Does this company "do" what it sells on its web site? 
This company claims to offer content but I feel after looking at their website that they don't offer the content but rather offer increased publicity for the website that they are highered to help. 
They offer: 
  • Guaranteed ten day indexing of websites

  • Manual directory submission

  • Social bookmarking services

  • Search engine optimisation

  • The website isn't super clear on the main page of what they are offering but once you go into corporate information the above is listed. In the youtube video they claimed to be a content company when they actually just help to advertise for the company through social networking sites and various search engines. 
    Would you hire this company? Would you work for it? 
    I wouldn't hire this company nor would I work for it. This is for a few reasons. Optimizing your website in a search engine isn't hard to do, and when it comes to making websites there are other website designers that would offer me more of what I am looking for. 

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